What is Rentster?

Rentster is the answer to a question that has been hanging incessantly in almost every Indian family:Why buy an expensive item, when you’re gonna use it just once or twice?”

Rentster, as it’s name suggests, is a new world venture that has been created with the sole purpose of allowing you to rent items, of your wish, for the period you wish and that too at your doorstep!

It is an endeavor whose heart beats for a sustainable way of providing all that you desire, while benefitting both the society as well as the environment at large!

Why Should You Rent?

“Rent” is a word that not many look up to in the Indian society. But as stated earlier, in rapidly changing times Rentster is a new world endeavor that is here to change the stereotypical Indian thinking.

Here is why we believe renting is absolutely indispensable:

1. Saves you a LOT of MONEY! 

Imagine having a guitar, a karaoke set, or whatever item that strikes you as a must-have: whenever you wish to, without burning a hole in your pocket!

Not just that but a lot of variety in entertainment stuff is available for you too.

2. Saves you the GUILT!

Every one among us has had that phase where we are crazy about buying something, say a trampoline but after going gaga over it for a couple of weeks, we just let it rot in a corner somewhere and try our best to keep it hidden to save us the guilt of seeing it at some point and regretting the spontaneity with which we bought the item.

We bring you, your very own guiltless indulgence in whatever you want, for however long you want; So that once you feel you’ve done using something, you can return it back: leaving yourself satisfied, happy and most importantly: GUILT-FREE!

2. Makes you look like a Magician!

Bored of using the same Crockery Set for all your functions? It’s Time to bring out a brand new set out of your Hat, every time a Guest Comes over!

All you need to do is renting instead of buying! Smart, Isn’t it?

3. No Maintenance!!

What is the use of a Foot Massager when you have to get it repaired, it every time you want to use it!

Maintenance cost is another headache when we buy anything new in cases of rare use! It would also save you a lot of hassle that comes along with it!

4. Saves you A LOT of SPACE!

Diwali is round the corner and the house-cleaning along with it! What if we maintain the inventory and save your house from looking like a Store-Room! (Thank us later!)

Where to look for the products?

The products are listed in the store section of our homepage and are categorized into three parts:  Essentials, Emergency, Entertainment. Most of the stuff listed here, is in perfectly working condition.

We regularly run quality testing and service the products so that you receive only the best!! You can always reach us at support@rentster.in for any complaints that you may have! 

Is it Safe?

We assure you that everything is perfectly safe. Right from the products you receive to the packaging, everything is sanitized and well taken care of! In addition, Even doorstep deliveries and installations are made in accordance to the International COVID 19 Protocols!

This bears testimony to our commitment of keeping our customers not only satisfied, but above all: safe.

What is the next step After I Choose A Product?

Once you select a product on our site and finish the checkout process, your part would be completed. Then as per the selected delivery method, the product will be delivered at your doorstep.

After you’ve enjoyed using the product, post completion of the chosen tenure, inspection of the returned product would be done post which we will return you back your security deposit back!

Our next job towards you would obviously be to await your next order!