Why buy, when you can RENT!!

Luxuries just became RENTable

What is Rentster?

Rentster is an online platform to rent things that you do not want to buy!!!!

Here we have a wide range of products that are safe, ready to use, and in good condition.

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Featured Products

Never miss your Groove

Carry your beats around,

Rent Speakers as low as Rs. 250/day

Let's try something new!!

RENT premium Kitchenware right over here, starting @ Rs. 250/day

Cause Fit is the New Fad!

Need help staying Fit? Let’s see how we can help?

What Do WE Charge?

Since you choose to believe in us, least we can do is tell you our pricing policies. Apart from the rent that we charge, other charges include Refundable Security Deposits, Shipping Charges and in some cases, Installation charges.

However, 24*7 Customer Support is available without any charge.

For more details about pricing, Click on the button below.


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