Gola Machine

35.00 / night

1 IceGola Making Machine

Missing slurping the multi flavored heavenly syrups off ice crusts?

Wanna revisit savouring on the ever refreshing golas you had on hot school days from the comfort of your own homes?

Abracadabra, we grant you your wish with your very own gola machine!

Rent it today for an absolutely divine summer savory!

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As kids, we remember running out to the streets to spot the golawala, completely oblivious of any concerns for hygiene or hygiene.

But today, we set the bar high with the introduction of your very own gola machine that enables you to savor on the summer delicacy at the expense of completely economical rental price, from the comfort of your own home!

Get your machine today, to unleash the child in you- eagerly waiting for a chuski!


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