Pictionary Second Edition

50.00 / night

Sharpen your pencils, sketch quickly, and keep playing the original charades on paper game, PICTIONARY.

Includes : 

1 board

Set of Pictionary Cards

4 Movers

1 Dice

Rule Book

Papers and Pencils

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Pictionary Second Edition – The game of Quick Draw (Red Box)

Here they are! 2,400 new and more challenging words to use with your original PICTIONARY game. Also included in the card box are 20 blank cards for you to write in your own personal and unique words. If you choose to use any of the blanks, write the words in the spaces provided before a game starts. Disperse these cards randomly throughout the card box before play begins.

  • Get your pencils and your wit sharpened for an evening of fun!
  • Like charades except give clues to teammates by sketching clues
  • Great game for family night or for a party
  • Artistic talent not required; fun and laughter for young and old



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