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Funskool’s Twister is a game that ties in knots. The longer reach of an adult is often leveled by a child’s flexibility. Even Grandparents can get involved as referees. It makes a great spectator sport and is always fun, until someone twists an ankle!

1 Twister Mat

1 Twister Wheel

No. of players: 2 to 4

Rent yours’ today for the most twisty game you’re ever gonna play, quite literally!

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And we twist!
A fun game, twister will tie you up in knots. Quite literally! A game that requires flexibility and agility, twister game will keep you on your fours for sure. In the game of twister, each person has to place their hands and feet on the colored spaces in the mat provided with the twister game.
The players choose a referee who spins the spinner and announces the color and limb towards which the arrow of the spinner points. The players of twister game need to obey the referee and should now put their hands or feet over the specified color on the mat. Behold! It’s not as easy as it sounds, for no player is allowed to touch their knees or elbows to the twister game mat.
A game of physical skills, the twister game can be played with kids and adults alike. Get ready for fun evening games with your kid in the park, or for those party nights with friends and family!!


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