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Whether you have temporary or permanent disabilities, wheel chairs help you glide independently. To get the differently abled cheek to cheek with the rest of the world at unarguably completely economical price, Rentster brings to you a sturdy, manual wheelchair that helps you navigate, only to make your day-to-day commute much easier and comfortable!


  1. Chrome plated frame
  2. Fixed armrest and detachable footrest
  3. Only sitting area of wheelchair is foldable.

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Wheel chairs are the wings that come to one’s aid when one suffers from conditions such as paralysis, musculoskeletal issues, broken bones or injury to the legs or feet, neurological issues, balance or gait problems, or inability to walk long distances. This mechanical wheel chair offered by Rentster seeks to make life for the challenged easier. It comes with a sturdy steel frame and comfortable cushioned seat. This manual wheel chair has the power to help you navigate efficiently thus, proving to be a perfect daily living aid!



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